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1.  Munster Trust Study Awards

Open to instrumentalists and singers who are looking for support for postgraduate jazz or classical music performance-based study as well as to composers wishing to undertake postgraduate study. If you are an exceptional jazz student, you can also apply for funding towards your final year of a performance-based jazz undergraduate course – this extension applies to jazz musicians only. The amount given per Study Grant Award for 2025 will be £4000.

2. Instrument Purchase Loans

Open to young artists who received funding from the Trust towards their studies and who have completed their studies and are either working in the music profession or looking to enter the profession.

3. The Stephen Oliver Award

The award is made biennially (next award 2025) for a work which has been or is in the process of being written for music theatre, to assist with the cost of bringing it to performance. Please contact the Operations Assistant if you are interested in applying.

The Munster Trust is committed to treating all applicants equally and encourages applications from students from all backgrounds including those from minority ethnic backgrounds, those from disadvantaged socioeconomic groups, and those with a disability.

Funding Available

Munster Trust funding types

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Study Grants

Open to undergraduate Jazz musicians and postgraduate classical and jazz singers, instrumentalists and composers

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Instrument Purchase Loans

Each year the Trust is able to offer a small number of interest-free loans to former beneficiaries to help with the purchase of musical instruments

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Stephen Oliver Award

Awarded biennially to an emerging composer who has written a work for music theatre to assist with bringing that work to performance

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Neil Black Award

Annually awarded to an outstanding woodwind player to support their postgraduate studies and develop their musical career

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