General FAQs

Frequently asked questions of a general nature relating to the Trust

With the uncertainty of Covid-19, is the Trust still planning to provide financial help to postgraduate students in 2022?

Yes,  we are still planning to go ahead with our awards for 2022.  The application process will be open on 1st January 2022.

In 2020 and 2021, it was necessary to cancel all live auditions for the Munster Trust Study Awards.  We are keeping all Government advice and restrictions relating to COVID-19 under review and, whilst we have set aside provisional dates for live auditions in London, we are conscious that there is a possibility that these auditions will be affected by changes in the pandemic.  Any changes to the requirement for live auditions will be notified to candidates as soon as possible.  However, candidates are advised to ensure that their applications and recordings submitted to the Trust are as strong as they can be.  We have produced a guide with tips to help you produce a suitable recording whatever your circumstances. Please remember that the Trustees will not be assessing the quality of your recording but only the quality of your performance.  Please check back nearer the application opening date (1st January 2022) for further information. 

What will you do with my personal information?

The Countess of Munster Musical Trust is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information.  Our Privacy Notice tells you what you can expect us to do with your personal information when you make contact with us.

What type of awards do you offer?

The Countess of Munster Musical Trust was established in 1958 by Lady Munster to help young musicians achieve their full potential towards securing careers as performers.  To this end the Trustees are happy to accept applications for:

1.  Study Awards

Open to instrumentalists and singers (who are looking to undertake performance-based classical or jazz music postgraduate study) as well as to composers wishing to undertake postgraduate study. Applications are now also welcomed from exceptional jazz students about to enter their final year of undergraduate study.  This extension applies to jazz musicians only, from 2020.

2. Instrument Purchase Loans

Open to young artists who received funding from the Trust towards their studies and who have completed their studies and are either working in the music profession or looking to enter the profession.

3. The Stephen Oliver Award

The award is made biennially for a work which has been or is in the process of being written for music theatre, to assist with the cost of bringing it to performance.  The next Assessment will take place in 2023

Is there an age limit for applications?

No, there is no age limit for applications.  However, the Trust offers support towards postgraduate study only (and final year undergraduate study in the case of jazz musicians) and will not consider applications that the Trustees deem to be for professional development only.

Do you have to be British to apply?

No, but you must fulfil the following eligibility criteria which are slightly different for this coming application season in 2022 from in previous years:

The current policy of the Trust is to consider candidates (instrumentalists, singers & composers) for study awards who satisfy the following residency criteria:

    1. The applicant has either been resident in the UK for over ten years since birth or alternatively has successfully completed (by the end of the current academic year) at least three academic years of full-time study in a UK higher education institution (University / Music Conservatoire); and
    2. the applicant can prove that, based on the laws and regulations in force at the closing date for applications (10 February) and his/her personal circumstances, he/she automatically has permission to continue to reside and work in the UK for at least one year following completion of higher education.


I have been working for some years, but would like to go back into full time education. Can I apply for an award?

The Trustees do not support study plans which they perceive to be for the purposes of professional development only.  However, if there are specific reasons why you have had a gap in your education, please make this clear on your application form.

I am working towards a doctorate on an MPhil or PhD course. Can I apply for an award?

No. The Trustees suggest that you apply to the Arts and Humanities Research Council for support (www.ahrc.ac.uk). You may also find other suitable funding bodies in our Funding Guide.

Can I apply for funding to support an MA in Musicology?

No, we only provide funding for performance-based courses only and not academic-based courses.  Please see our Funding Guide which may help provide alternative sources for funding.

I am undertaking a BMus course. Can I apply for an award?

You cannot apply for funding for an undergraduate course (unless you are a jazz musician – see below), although you can apply whilst an undergraduate for a postgraduate course the following academic year.  Alternatively, please refer to our Funding Guide (Junior Section) for possible sources of funding.

From 2020, the Munster Trust will continue to provide support for postgraduate jazz and classical music performance studies but, in addition, invites applications from exceptional jazz students about to enter their final year of undergraduate study.  The extension applies to jazz musicians only.

I am looking for funding as a conductor/ I am looking for funding as a repetiteur. Can I apply for an award?

The Trust is no longer in a position to offer support to conductors or repetiteurs. Please refer to our Funding Guide which may provide information about other sources of funding.

I am undertaking a course in Musical Theatre. Can I apply for an award?

No. The Trust does not support Musical Theatre courses. A possible source of funding information for you could be the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre.

I am undertaking a course in Traditional Music. Can I apply for an award?

No. The Trust only offers support for performance based classical music and jazz courses.

How can I be considered for the Recital Scheme?

Artists for the Recital Scheme are selected from amongst recipients of the Trust’s Study Awards.  At audition each year, the Trustees consider whether each candidate for a Study Award might be suitable for the Recital Scheme and will inform the candidate accordingly when communicating the audition result.  If you have received a Munster Trust Study Award in the past and are interested in the Recital Scheme, please contact the Trust Secretary (admin@munstertrust.org.uk).

In addition, the Trustees will consider an ensemble for the Recital Scheme but only if at least two of the members of the ensemble have previously had awards from the Munster Trust.  If you would like your ensemble to be considered for the Recital Scheme, please contact the Trust Secretary (admin@munstertrust.org.uk).

I am looking for funding to produce a CD. Can I apply?

No. The Trust offers support towards the tuition fees and maintenance costs of performance based musical education.

My child has been offered a place at a specialist music school. Can we apply for funding on their behalf?

No. The Trust only offers financial support to music students undertaking performance based study at postgraduate level or final year undergraduate level in the case of jazz musicians.

Please refer to our Funding Guide (Junior Section) for possible funding bodies that may be able to help you. We also suggest that you ask the school in question what funding might be available.