The Countess of Munster Musical Trust

NB:  2021 applications for Munster Trust Study Awards – the Trustees have decided that, in view of the continuing uncertainty about the lifting of restrictions relating to COVID-19, it will NOT be possible to hold live auditions in 2021. If you have made an application for a Munster Trust Study Award this year, we will be in touch with you shortly about our current selection process.

The Trust was founded in 1958 by the Countess of Munster (Hilary Wilson), who devoted her life to music and who was herself a pianist of considerable talent.

Lady Munster’s generous endowment, from which the Trust’s annual income is derived, currently provides awards totalling up to £240,000 to young musicians to support their final years of study. The Trust also provides a small number of instrument purchase loans to former beneficiaries and runs a Recital Scheme.

News about the Munster Trust’s collaboration with the London Schools Symphony Orchestra can be found here.

Click here for information about the NEIL BLACK AWARD, established at the Trust to provide a legacy for future generations of woodwind players, and to help keep alive memories of a great musician. You can also find information about how to make a donation.

Click here for information about the series of 2020 online concerts featuring our Recital Scheme artists and the Leicester International Music Festival..