Instrument Purchase Loans

Each year the Trust is able to offer a small number of interest-free loans to former beneficiaries who are on the threshold of their careers, to help with the purchase of musical instruments. This is in recognition of the problem which faces so many musicians who, following their years of studentship, have no capital resources to equip themselves with the quality of instrument vital to the advancement of their careers. The Trust offers assistance in the form of interest-free instrument-purchase loans repayable over periods varying from 5 to 12 years depending on the size of the loan advanced. These loans are named “Knapton/Cavill Instrument Purchase Loans” in recognition of the legacy received by the Trust from the Estates of Miss Barbara Knapton and Mrs Kathleen Cavill in 2011 for the purpose of supporting young professional musicians wishing to purchase instruments.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have received a postgraduate study award from the Trust.
  • You must have completed your postgraduate studies and be working as a professional musician.

Application / Audition Procedure:

  • The application form will be available for online submission from 1 January 2019.
  • Please contact the Secretary on if you encounter difficulties submitting online.
  • The closing date for submission of completed application forms, references and video recordings is midnight on 10 February 2019.
  • You will not hear back from the Trust regarding auditions until early-mid April.
  • Auditions take place between April and June each year.  You must be prepared to audition in person in London.
  • The provisional dates for the 2019 auditions are as follows:
    Jazz – Tuesday 16th April 2019
    Strings – Monday 29th April 2019
    Keyboard – Wednesday 8th May 2019
    Brass/Percussion/Woodwind – Monday 13th May 2019
    Woodwind – Wednesday 22nd May 2019
    Strings – Thursday 30th May 2019
  • Loans are made to selected applicants after audition and interview.
  • Please contact us by email if you require additional help or support through the application and audition process.


  • Two references must be submitted by midnight on 10 February 2019 as part of your application.
  • The reference form will be available for online submission from 1 January 2019.
  • You need to ask your referees to go online to our website, to follow the link entitled “Submit References? Instrument Purchase Loan Reference” from the homepage and to submit their references before 10 February 2018.
  • References received after the closing date are unacceptable and the application will be considered invalid.
  • Please ask your referees to contact the Secretary +44 (0)1428 685427 or if they encounter any difficulties submitting online.
  • Please ensure your chosen referees are able to write in support of your application, giving particular attention to your future career prospects and dependability.  Comments on the suitability and price of the chosen instrument (if any) would also be helpful.

Video Recording Information:

To accompany your application form, please include YouTube links to video recordings of two pieces contrasting in period, style and tempo.  The two pieces should each be approximately five minutes long.

Please note: all video recordings must be publicly viewable.  Please use the unlisted or public privacy setting.  Please add the date on which the recording was made (and not just the date on which it was uploaded to YouTube) to the Basic Information section of YouTube as you upload your video.

  • Two separate links are required – one for each piece.  They should be video recordings from within the last 6 months and should be unedited and recorded using a single camera position.
  • Poor quality recordings will seriously compromise your chances of being offered an audition.
  • Do not submit two movements from the same work, or two pieces by the same composer.
  • A video recording of a solo performance is preferred to performances of chamber music or with orchestral accompaniment.  However, it is not acceptable to submit an accompanied piece without the accompaniment.  Jazz artists can submit a recording performed with an ensemble but the Trustees will need to be able clearly to distinguish your playing within the performance as a whole.
  • A live recording is not regarded as intrinsically better than a studio recording. The video recording submitted is assessed as a musical whole and so applicants are advised not to include recordings in which the performance standard of any accompanying part is significantly lower than that of the applicant.
  • Please do not include long introductions by accompanying instruments or introduce yourself or the piece.  There should be approximately 5 minutes of your performance.
  • If invited to audition, you will not be able to perform the pieces you have submitted with your application.



Applicants are advised that the information submitted, including personal information, will be used for assessment and evaluation purposes by the Countess of Munster Musical Trust Trustees, staff and appointed independent advisers. The Countess of Munster Musical Trust will use the information that you submit on the application form to help us determine your suitability for an audition, loan and other related purposes. For full details of our Privacy Notice, please click here. If you have any queries regarding the personal information we hold about you, please address them to the Secretary.

Instrument Purchase Loan Application Form