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Making Music matter

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  • Posted by Abigail Fenner

Flautist Mark Taylor and harpist Gabriella Jones visited Witney Community Hospital in Oxfordshire to engage the patients with a wonderful afternoon of classical music.  This outreach event enabled Mark to visit the day ward and perform popular classics.  Mark brought with him a variety of instruments to play; inviting the patients and nurses to participate!  Mark was able to share his live music to bring joy, a sense of engagement and wellbeing to patients who are in rehabilitation.  This event was organised through Jean Richards, the Programme Secretary at Witney Music Society, where Mark and Gabriella (À Deux Duo) performed a concert that evening at the High Street Methodist Church.  This chamber ensemble have a growing reputation for pushing the boundaries of the flute and harp repertoire by transcribing works for other instruments and adding other instrumentalists to the duo including piano, percussion and French horn. Mark comments: “We both thoroughly enjoyed the outreach concert at the hospital in the afternoon.  Giving the patients a little lift to their day was so rewarding. We had never played in a hospital before so this was a great opportunity for us to grow our outreach experience too!”