Apply to join the Recital Scheme

Music Clubs & Societies:

Our Recital Scheme membership list for clubs, societies, orchestras, choirs and festivals is presently full but, if your organisation is interested in joining, then please do contact:
Deborah Bacon – or
Abi Fenner –

If you are not currently a member of the Scheme, the list of young artists presently on the Recital Scheme is available at Recital Scheme Artists for non member Clubs/Societies to book at their own expense.  Please use the contact form available by clicking on the photograph of the artist.


Artists for the Recital Scheme are selected from amongst recipients of the Trust’s Study Awards.  At audition each year, the Trustees consider whether each candidate for a Study Award might be suitable for the Recital Scheme and will inform the candidate accordingly when communicating the audition result.  If you have received a Munster Trust Study Award in the past and are interested in the Recital Scheme, please contact the Trust Secretary (

In addition, the Trustees will consider an ensemble for the Recital Scheme but only if at least two of the members of the ensemble have previously had awards from the Munster Trust.  If you would like your ensemble to be considered for the Recital Scheme, please contact the Trust Secretary ( Please bear in mind that decisions about ensembles joining the Recital Scheme will be made in the spring of each year.