Application Helpsheet 2022

Update October 2021:  The current intention of the Trustees is to  provide support for students in the academic year 2021/22.  We are keeping all Government advice and restrictions relating to COVID-19 under review and currently are hopeful that we will be able to hold live auditions in London in spring 2022.  However, candidates are advised to ensure that the applications and recordings submitted to the Trust are as strong as possible.

It is important that you are aware that the Trust receives very many applications that are ultimately unsuccessful: only around 75 awards are made each year, to outstanding performers who can also demonstrate financial need, so please consider whether you are ready to make an application to the Trust and, if in doubt, please speak to your teacher.

Online Application Form – below is listed the information that you will be required to provide on the Online Application Form.  It is possible to save your progress as you complete different stages of the Application Form but you may find it helpful to assemble the information you require before you start to complete the form online.

Remember – the closing date for submissions is midnight on 10th February 2022.

Personal Information: here you need to fill in details of your name, date of birth, nationality, contact details and your discipline and instrument/voice.

Proposed Course of Study: here you can enter details of up to 2 colleges, or details for 1 college plus private study &/or a short course &/or a masterclass. Please keep the Trust Secretary up-to-date with the progress of your applications if you are applying for more than one option.

Financial information: For each college or private study/short course/masterclass – please provide details as follows:

Outgoings (please provide an estimated total amount for the whole academic year for which you are applying)

  • Tuition fees
  • Rent (over 10 months unless you have a 12-month contract)
  • Maintenance (for 10 months of academic year) which includes travel within the UK
  • Travel (as a separate item only if applying for study outside of UK). Travel within the UK should be included in your Maintenance figure
  • Any other information on outgoings that you feel the Trustees should have

 Income (total estimated for academic year for which you are applying)

  • Scholarships/bursaries for the coming academic year from the college to which you are applying (only if money is already confirmed)
  • Family help
  • Personal savings
  • Teaching
  • Non-musical employment
  • Recital/orchestral work
  • Postgraduate loan you intend to take out
  • Other sources

Education & Experience: if you are not currently studying at an institution, please provide details of what you are doing and whether you are taking private lessons

If you are currently studying at an institution, please provide details of the course

If you are already undertaking postgraduate study, please provide details of your first/undergraduate degree

If you are currently on a second postgraduate course, please provide details of your other postgraduate study

In all cases: please provide details of secondary school(s) and/or Junior Conservatoire(s) attended and details of current teachers and past teachers

Focus/Career: here you are asked about four specific points. Please consider your answers carefully:

  • What do you expect to achieve from further study? (limited to 460 characters not 460 words )
  • What has been the main focus of your studies at university/music college/conservatoire, including any prizes and awards won? (limited to 444 characters)
  • List the most significant public performances in the last 12 months, with dates (limited to 474 characters)
  • What are your career aims? (limited to 350 characters)

Additional Financial Information: please provide details of your student loan and other debts. Please also give details of any funding received for your current studies or which you have received in the past towards your studies (do not include in this section funding that you hope to receive in respect of the course for which you are applying).  There is a separate section for details of where you have already applied for funding for the coming academic year or where you intend to apply for funding. Please only enter figures if the amounts are confirmed).

Any Other Information:

Please enter any other information that you feel is relevant to this application, including details of any disability or special requirements of which you would like the Trust to be aware.  Limited to 1015 characters.

Submission of video recordings:


We have produced a guide which includes some tips on how to produce a recording that will be acceptable to the Trustees no matter what your circumstances, but some specific points to bear in mind are:

  • The audio quality is more important than the video quality for your recordings but follow our tips on camera position, etc. The recording must be unedited;
  • You should try to submit accompanied pieces performed with an accompaniment but this can be a “minus-one track” if you are unable to record with an accompanist.  Check the balance between your playing and the accompaniment;
  • If you are unable to produce recordings specifically for your Munster Trust application, we will accept recordings made for, for instance, college video auditions, but we do require all recordings to be uploaded to YouTube and YouTube links added to your application.  All recordings should be from within the past 6 months and, if you have applied to the Trust in the past, please do not submit a recording/piece that you have used to support a previous application.

What to provide: SINGERS AND INSTRUMENTALISTS (except PERCUSSION – see below)

To accompany your application form, please include two YouTube links.  Each link must be to a video recording of you singing/playing within the previous 6 months.  The two pieces that you choose for your links must be contrasting in period, style and tempo, and each piece should be between 4 and 5 minutes long.

Do not submit two movements from the same work, or two pieces by the same composer.

Ideally the recordings should not include long introductions by accompanying instruments and you do not need to introduce yourself or the piece.  There should be approximately five minutes of your performance on each recording.

Jazz Musicians: We welcome recordings of you playing as part of a small band, so that the Trustees can judge your interaction with other players.  Where this is not possible, you may use backing tracks to replace the small band.  You should choose two pieces that best illustrate your interest and ability in areas of music that involve improvisation.

Piano Accompanists – Please include links to either:
Two unedited video recordings of you accompanying an instrumentalist. Neither of the two pieces should exceed six minutes; or
Two unedited video recordings of you accompanying a singer. Neither of the two pieces should exceed six minutes; or
Two unedited video recordings of you accompanying, separately, a singer and an instrumentalist. Neither piece should exceed six minutes.
When selecting your pieces and making your recordings, please bear in mind that the Trustees wish to be able to judge both your abilities as a pianist and your skills as an accompanist.

Please contact the Trust Secretary on or on 01428 685427 well in advance of the application closing date if you need to discuss what it is possible for you to achieve and what the Trustees will be able to accept.

What to provide: PERCUSSION

To accompany your application form, please include two YouTube links to video recordings as follows:

  • One video recording should consist of the following pieces:  Timpani: Hindemith Metamorphoses on Themes of Weber AND Snare Drum: Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade (Mvts 3 and 4)
  • The other video recording should consist of the following pieces: Xylophone: Gershwin Porgy and Bess Introduction AND Vibraphone: Bernstein West Side Story.

If, on account of coronavirus restrictions, it is not possible for you to comply with these repertoire requirements, please contact the Trust Secretary on 01428 685427 well in advance of the application closing date to discuss what it is possible for you to achieve and what the Trustees will be able to accept.

What to provide: COMPOSERS

To accompany your application form, please include YouTube OR SoundCloud links to two recordings of recent contrasting compositions.  Two separate links are required – one for each piece.  These should have been recorded within the last 6 months if possible.

Do not submit scores unless requested to do so.

Recordings of real performances are preferable but we appreciate that this may not always be possible.  Please take time to consider whether your pieces are sufficiently contrasting.

If you have problems with these recording requirements, please contact the Trust Secretary on Trust Secretary on 01428 685427 well in advance of the application closing date.

Uploading to YouTube/SoundCloud:

  • Please note: all video recordings must be publicly viewable.  Please use either the unlisted or public privacy setting.
  • Ensure that all advertisements are turned off – please refer to the FAQs if necessary.
  • Please add the date on which the recording was made (and not just the date on which it was uploaded) to the Description section of YouTube or SoundCloud as you upload your recording.


Details of two referees are required.  You must ensure that two references are submitted online by the closing date (10th February 2021).  One reference must be from your current teacher, the other from a person with up-to-date knowledge of your musical training and study plans, for instance, your Head of Department.

  • Name of referee
  • Position
  • Contact details (telephone and email)

References can be submitted online from 1 January 2022 – there will be a new set of questions and submission process for the coming year and details of this will be posted shortly.

Please feel free to contact the office to check whether your referees have submitted their references and please contact the Secretary on +44 (0)1428 685427 or if your referees have any difficulties submitting online.